Lindsay Blaze has a life goal to be an ambassador of life as one that would represent all things that give life to others.

Born in Connecticut, she traveled to Romania at the age of 13 where a deep love for those in need began. She has traveled to 28 countries and 50 states pursuing the love. From sitting with lepers and orphans in India to traveling the States, Lindsay seeks to tell the stories of others that make up this world.

She moved to Franklin, Tennessee two years ago and quickly fell in love with the small town community. Working for different growing small businesses, she oversaw the buildout and opening of multiple new locations.

Her passion for people matches her big heartbeat. Spend some time with Lindsay and you will find that she is about the connection that comes in faith, with hope and from love. 

 “If it’s not impossible or takes everything I have, it will never be for me.” – LB, 30


Kellen Nascimento has passion to see dreams become reality.

Born in Brazil, she moved to Hawaii to pursue outreach opportunities, which took her throughout Europe and the 50 states over the past seven years.

Her experience is extensive in consumer services as she owned a business in Boston, Massachusetts before moving to Franklin, Tennessee where she has spent the last year and a half.

Kellen has a heart for justice for all mankind, which came alive while in Amsterdam among the Red Light district. Seeking to contribute to life being given in it’s fullness, Kellen endlessly chooses to see the true heart of a person.

If you spend a day with Kellen you will find that although her words may be few when she speaks there is a depth that comes from the treasure of her heart.

 “I am an ordinary person seeking the extraordinary.” – Kellen, 28

Meet the owners

"Friend" Journey

In 2010, Lindsay and Kellen became friends while living in Kona, Hawaii. A sisterhood formed instantly with a promise to each other to forever adventure this life with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as the guide. One day while making the hour long drive on the Waikoloa Highway from one end of the island to the other, they began to discuss the possibilities of what their friendship could accomplish. In those moments, dreams were spoken about becoming influencers and advancers for the greatest gift in life: love.

They would live for the love. It was also here that they began calling each other "friend". 

In 2013, they met in Florida to go on a one month journey up the east coast to film stories about what people believe is true about love. One month turned to ten and a visit to all 50 states. A faith journey at it's finest with the friendship being put to the test. The driving passion for each to accomplish that original promise to live for the love.

By the end of 2014, they had moved to Franklin, Tennessee. Another piece of the dream becoming reality. Over the past year and a half, conversations of what they could bring to the community took place. A decision was made the past April to start a business that would cause people to want to live for the love too. This business would serve as a connection to domestic and global issues, creating unique ways for people to help right from the town they live in. A business built around story, All Things Co. was birthed from two heartbeats that have huge belief and hope for the world.

"Friend" journey has started a new chapter where all things are possible.